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E-Cap-Demage: affected devices

The currently known devices are listed, which are affected by expiring SMD capacitors, and thus their destruction. In general, all equipped with SMD electrolytic capacitors and cards seem to be affected.

desoldered e-caps

Commodore Amiga-Models

  • Amiga A600
  • Amiga A1200
  • Amiga A4000(T)
  • CD32

Commodore Addon Devices

  • CDTV IR-Remotecontroller
  • Acceleratorcard A3630
  • Acceleratorcard A3640
  • Disk-, AV- and I/O-Modul from A4000T
  • CD32 „Full Motion Video“-Modul

other Devices

  • Floppy Chinon FB-357A (f.e. A3000/A4000)
  • ACT Elektronik: some Apollo 1230-, 1240- & 1260-Models
  • DCE-Versions of the Blizzard 2040 and 2060

 Please help and insert missing devices.


Last modified: 2015/05/06 01:39